Sunday, April 06, 2008

Have you tried carpooling before?

I came back to my hometown to look for a job right after i graduated. Isnt it stupid of me. Everyone wants to look a good job in the city and i chose to come back to this god-forgotten place to eke out a living. Not that there are many advertising firms looking for fresh graduate during then. Anyway, i did find a job eventually. My dad was still working then and he send me to my office each morning before heading back to his. And this went on until one day, a colleague of mine suggest that we carpool to save cost.

By then, i have saved up some money and was looking for a used car to buy so that i dont have to rely on my dad to send me to the office each morning. I've not heard of carpool before and i declined their offer. I bought my first car eventually and was really happy driving to work on my own each day. My colleague asked me again if i want to Carpool with them and this time, i gave it a go. I found that carpooling can be fun and i managed to save some money off my petrol bill. Have you ever carpooled before? If you havent, you may want to give it a try.

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