Monday, May 12, 2008

Car DVD Players Buying Guide

We've been traveling a lot lately. Now that Malcolm goes to school too, both hubby and i now found that we can do so much more in the afternoons. Since we're still driving the family car, we've been going around car showrooms checking out some cars. Want to see if we can find one that meets our requirements. We already have a saloon car. So, an MPV may be the next best option for us.

The thing is most of the MPVs we saw does not have a DVD player installed and required additional cost. We're okay with that since we prefer one that can support headrest monitors. We like to keep our kids entertained at the back with their educational DVDs wherever we go. If we cant find one that we like, a ceiling-mounted DVD player will do fine. Good also as it supports multi-user viewing.

Well, i know many of you are driving around with MPVs these days. It's all the rage now and prices are also more affordable. If you need some advise on choosing the right DVD for your vehicle, you may want to check out this Car DVD Players Buying Guide. It lists all the options available and helps you decide which type of car DVD player is right for you.

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