Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy busy bee

Last week was a terribly tiring one for me. It's only the first day of the week and i can foresee another busy one ahead. Okay, busy days = $$$$$$ for me. So, better shaddap and be merry about it. I'll be leaving the house to go pick Malcolm up soon. Gotta head over top Parkson to grab some books for Gordon. He's beginning to show some interest in writing, YAY!!!!

An ad network pissed me off last week and i ignored every single one of the opps i have on my list from them. Let them rot on my list and expire instead. I think i'm well over writing for others. I have far too many blogs to update and prefer to talk to the search engines instead. Might as well use my skills to gain some good rankings for long term residual income.

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