Thursday, May 22, 2008

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In a comforting way, i'm glad i dont have girls. Most of my friends who have girls told me bringing them up is more costly than boys, lol. Well, it's because most of them are shopaholics and they tend to buy lots of stuffs for their girls each time they go shopping. And you know there are so much to buy for girls. From hairclips, pretty dresses to lacey socks. And these days, parents really do splurge on their kids a lot. They wont bat an eye when it comes to shopping or providing them with the best if they can afford it.

I have a few friends who send their girls for dancing classes. Let me tell you this, when i was just a kid, i remember wanting to take up ballet classes. And of all the advices my God-ma gave my mom, the best is not to let me have my wish if taking up Ballet dancing. The reason is because she sends hers for Ballet classes and it's a very costly hobby. As young girls grow up very fast, my God-ma has to keep buying Ballet shoes alone. She advised my mom to send me for music lessons instead, sigh. Well, if you are a dancer, i know you'll be looking for places to buy DanceWear shoes like Flamenco Dance shoes or Tap dancing shoes. Check out the links here. It's for all your dancing needs.

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