Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have you seen Lindsay Lohan's leggings before?

Now that i have some time to myself in the afternoons, i used some of it to check out some online clothing stores. I'm sick of trying to find something unique at the malls. Been out far too many times and yet, come home empty-handed. So, it's a sad fact that the malls really have nothing much that suits me..... sigh. I know i can always knit some for myself, right. Well, knitting takes time and i have to pay at least ten times more for the yarn, lol. A decent knitted blouse will cost me around 600 bucks just for the yarn alone, crazy huh.

Anyway, my friend asked me to check out With Fashion, where i can find the latest fashion trends and hot sexy celebrity gossips. I did just that and found out about Lindsay Lohan's leggings. It has knee pads and also a zipper built into those leggings, LOLZ!!!! Would you want to wear that? I know leggings are the hottest fashion items right now, but..... i can really do away with the Lindsay Lohan version. And i also read that it's twins for Angelina Jolie this time. No idea about their gender though. My, my... the Brady Bunch is getting bigger and bigger. Oh, go check the site out. Great place to kill time.

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