Thursday, May 22, 2008

Need to renew your lease?

These past few months alone, most of our afternoons are spent checking out properties for sale. We've been going around checking out showhouse after showhouse, new development projects and also to real estate agents. Some of the properties they recommended are quite nice and located in a safe neighborhood. Hubby's concern is only the lease on those properties that he's interested in. There's this particular bungalow that he likes but has a leasehold on it. He prefers a property with a freehold as he says it fetches a higher value. Well, i dont understand much about all these, but i'll leave it to him to decide which property is right for our future home.

As long as the neighborhood is a safe place for us to live in, i'm happy. I dont want it too far away from my kids' school as we'll only end up driving them to and fro all day long. Even if we have to pay a slightly higher price for a property that's near the city center, i think it's still worth it in the long run. The real estate agent says that there are lawyers who can help RENEW YOUR LEASE if you intend to buy a property with a short lease. Once it's renewed and extended, the property itself will have a higher value to it. We're not in a hurry to move out yet. But, it's still fun to check out properties. Who knows, we may just find one that fits our requirement.

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