Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy news

I've been getting good news for the whole of this week. First, i found a few long lost classmates on Facebook. Then, i got to know that a few of them were coming back for a reunion. And then, there's my cousin's wedding, Jenny's pregnancy. and Kevin's promotion. See, it's all good news, isnt it. I think i've had enough of bad news with all the price hike, fuel hike, rice hike and so forth. I dont care anymore. As long as i'm making enough to cover all daily expenses and still has plenty left for investments, i'm happy happy happy.

Talking about Kevin's promotion. I was on MSN with his wife last night and she was grumbling about all the packing that she has to do. They'll be moving to Boston as Kevin will be stationed there for the next ten years. He just received the letter together with the new contract. I told her it's really good news as that just means he wont be out of a job for the next ten years, lol. She agrees then told me she's had enough of packing and is going to engage a Boston Moving Company to help with the relocation.

I think it's a really good idea. I've moved a few places myself and knows how much hassle there is. I didnt engage any moving company to help me as i live in a small apartment whereby Jenny lives in a five bedroom house. That's a lot of packing and unpacking to do. Anyway. i wish them the best of luck. I'm happy to have a friend down in Boston. I wont need to book any hotel accommodation the next time i go to Boston, haha. If by chance you know of anyone looking for a Boston Moving Company, the link here will be of help.

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