Thursday, June 12, 2008

Need help with debt collection?

One of the reasons businesses fail is bad debts. Oh, i've had my fair share of bad debts when i was running my interior design firm last time. I've made a lot of money back then, but still, a lot of debts had to be written off. It was really bad timing then as some of my debtors ran away after the crash of 97. Yes, it's been more than ten years. Long time, huh. There wasnt much projects to undertake after that anyway. After discussing with my partner, we decided to close the firm and split the profits.

I may be one of the lucky few in this business to have made money and survived the crash of 97. Too bad, many of my friends didnt. They were saddled with a lot of bad debts. Some of them had such a hard time with the collection process that they engaged Debt Collection services to help them. If not, their losses would have been worse and some may have to declare bankruptcy too. The economy is on the downturn again and i can foresee many businesses facing collection problems soon. Well, in the event you need help with debt collection, you may want to check out the link i left here in this post. Dont let your business fail. Do something.

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