Monday, June 16, 2008

Heard of C'elle?

A friend buzzes me on MSN this morning and told me to head over to C'elle. She got to know that we can now harvest stem cells from our very menstrual fluid. In other words, only women will benefit from this technology here. I know we can harvest stem cells from our baby's cord blood, but obtaining it from our menstrual fluid is definitely news to me.

From what i read at C'elle, stem cells harvested from menstrual fluids can be transform ed into any other cells to save lives in the event of a degenerative disease such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It works like the stem cells from cord blood. This technology is not available in our country yet, but i'm sure in time to come, we;ll be able to benefit from it soon.

But for those of you who are interested to find out more about stem cells from menstrual fluid, you can read All About C'elle here. Do you know that you can also Become C'elle Distributor too? Well, do save the link in the event you wish to purchase a collection kit from them. Save this Celle Order Now link, ya.

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