Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Does your hubby hog the tv on Sundays?

Everyone i come across keeps talking about the new Hancock movie. You know, the latest Will Smith movie. I havent had the time to watch it yet. Is the DVD out? I may not have the time to go to the cinema, but i can always watch it at home with hubby and my kids. Not on a Sunday though. The TV is all his on Sundays. NFL TV Package and can sit in front of the TV all day long watching sports. What's so interesting about this NFL TV anyway? He even told me he'll go get some NFL Sunday Ticket and go watch with his friends. One of them bought some Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket once and got addicted to the games. Well, i'm sure you all have heard of DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket, right. You can go get some from any of the links i left here in this post. I just wish my hubby can go watch those games with his friends and leave the tv alone for once. I miss watching tv on Sundays.

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