Monday, July 07, 2008

How was your day?

Monday is over just like that. In two hours time, Tuesday sets in. And what have i done today. Not that i blogged much also. Let me see, i think i wrote about 5 posts. How come so few, haimai. Well, i only have a few hours to get it done, and with the snail speed knnccb streamyx is giving me, not that i get much done fast also lah, tiu.

After picking up Malcolm from the daycare, we went straight to Parkson for food and to get something for my FIL. Tomorrow his birthday wor. Hubby bought him some supplements for men. Me, i went to the household department and bought a small rectangle frying pan. So small it fits only a piece of bread, lol. Bought it cos it looks so darned cute. And costs only 5 bucks. So, what the heck.

What else? Ah yes. A new Wii game for hubby. Some dunno what ping pong game. He's happily whacking at an imaginary ping pong ball outside at the living hall with Malcolm. Aiya, as long as he keeps an eye on Malcolm and leave me sitting happily at the table, anything goes. That's it. What an interesting day, hoh :p

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