Saturday, July 12, 2008

Have you been to your kid's school canteen?

I think many of you can remember the time i was hospitalised for a case of bad food poisoning a few months ago, right. I dont know what caused it. But as far as food poisoning is concerned, it's all due to contaminated food. Or maybe dirty food handlers. I've not been back to the restaurant which i suspect i got food poisoning from after the incident. Dont want to risk my health.

Talking about food poisoning, my friend told me she just came back from the clinic. Her son came back from school with a bad tummy upset. I asked her what caused it and she told me he bought something from the school canteen and it didnt agree with his tummy. he's alright after some medication and does not require hospitalisation. I'm so glad to hear that it's nothing serious.

I've been to a few schools before and to tell you the truth, i dont really like what they sell there. My cousin says her daughter's school has this a vending machine where she can buy really good wholesome organic and natural snacks and drinks. It's called the YoNaturals Vending Health Food for Schools. Isnt it great. I've never seen this vending machine here before. I doubt if our schools have these in place.

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