Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shopping shopping shopping time!!!!

It's been quite a while since i went out shopping. I need new clothes, trust me. And if hubby isnt going to accompany me to the malls, i'll just leave him with the kids and take off by myself. I dont have time to knit these days. Most of my projects are still rotting inside their bags. So, buying is the way to go this time.

If hubby isnt going with he, i get to shop in peace. If not, i can only imagine the horror of him telling me this one doesnt fit, or that color looks awful, blah blah blah. Half the time, i come home empty-handed, and my mood turns bad. Hmm, maybe i'll get my sis to go with me. If not, i may have to shop online again. Ah hah, i'mm update more on this later :)

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