Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do you believe in branding?

My friend has just taken over a skin care range recently. It's a very good product but my friend was wondering why it's just not selling well. In all her years of experience, she knows the potential of this skin care range. When she showed me the original brochures of this skin care range, i nearly puked. It looks so horrible. And when i saw the real thing, i nearly fainted. I just cannot believe that it's really as good as my friend described it. Anyway, she gave me some samples and requested that i be her first guinea pig. I agreed, lol.

She's right. The product is excellent. But the thing now is to repackage it and give it a name. In other words, it's all about Branding now in order for the product to fly off the shelves. With the right Branding and promotion, this product will survive in the market and in time to come, be a highly sought-after one too. My friend agrees with me and says she'll engage a brand identity expert back to help her with the Branding exercise. Good to hear that she's taking the first t=step into turning this product into a real success. Good luck to you, my friend!!!

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