Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The din is driving me nuts

It's noisy at night, It's even noisier during the day. And why is that so? Cos my neighbor is having a major renovation as his son is coming back to stay for good. And the neighbor i'm talking about lives three doors away. Though the house is quite a distance away from mine, i can still hear him hammering and drilling all the way well past midnight. Damn, just why his immediate neighbors doesnt complain to the authorities is beyond me. If he lives right next to my house, i bet you this will not happen. But since he's not doing it every night, and he doesnt live right next door, there's nothing much i can do about it.

I heard from my MIL that his son is coming back all the way from Boston. Been living there since he graduated form University. According to my neighbor, the Boston economy is not that good and his son is out of a job. We wont know the real reason behind why he cant find a job there, not that i care to find out either. Anyway, i also got to know that he's engaged a Boston Moving Company to help ship all his stuffs back. Goodness, just why cant he just sell everything off since he's coming back for good. Everything is so affordable these days, right. Anyway, if you are in Boston right now and am looking for a Boston Moving Company, be sure to check out the site i mentioned here.

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