Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Garden renovation ideas

These past few weeks, we've been going round the neighborhood and checking out some houses that are undergoing renovation. I've been in the renovation business for years and it's kinda comforting to see people renovating their house. And since each house has the same layout, it's amazing that some people can come out with bizarre structures for their garden, lol. I told hubby that if we ever renovate ours next time, we have to make 100% sure that ours dont turn out like those we saw. I want mine simple with a Zen feel to it.

I have a few great ideas as to how i want my garden to be. For one, i will tear down every single plant, bushes and trees and have grass with a nice small Koi pond in the garden. And then, i will erect a gazebo so that it will block out the hot sunlight streaming in from the evening sun. Our houses faces West, and it's hot in the evenings. If space permits, maybe have a soccer goal in one corner of the garden so that my kids can play there. I've seen some Soccer Goals being sold online and they are so affordable. It'll be nice to watch my kids play soccer from the gazebo, dont you think so.

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