Tuesday, September 30, 2008


And so, today's topic is on moving. I have a few things to say when it comes to moving things back from another place. When i was working in KL, i live in a one room apartment. I made sure it's a fully furnished apartment. Since it's not my own place to begin with, it's best that i buy only things that i need rather than those that i want when staying there. I'm a simple person who has very basic needs. Having been in the interior designer and project management business taught me a lot of things when it comes to moving things.

Whenever any one of my client needs to move his things from one place to another, i use a professional company. I dont even have to bother with the packing as most of them provide the service. They know how to pack up the whole house in a few house and have everything moved to where my clients wants to have them stored. This is way better than doing it by yourself, trust me. Take for example, this Boston Moving company. Their rates are reasonable and you can sit back and relax whilst they handle all the nitty gritty stuff for you. So, take my heed and check them out.

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