Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shopping for kids

Kids can be a real confusing lot. That's even worse when you need to buy them presents. Their long year end school holidays are just a few months away. No, come November, the whole holiday nightmare returns, lol. My kids are alright when it comes to buying them presents. The confusion and headache comes when it comes to buying for my nephews and nieces. They just cant decide what they want. I give each of them a budget and they have to come up with a wish list for me. But still, they cant decide what they want, lol.

The other day, i heard my nephews telling their elder sister they want new NFL Uniforms. And then, one of them say they want some new baseball equipments. And then the girls wants to go for a swim and say they want new swimsuits. Gee.... i'm glad i'm not their mom. Out shopping with them must be a really dreadful experience, lol. I told them i'll give them another two weeks to decide what they want. I dont need to go anywhere to get them their presents. I shop online half the time. Much easier and i do get better deals too. If you need to get things like NFL uniforms and sporting equipments for your kids, save yourself the trouble and check out the link i left here in this post.

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