Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Need help managing your company's petrol and mileage claims?

You know, before the petrol price hike back in June, we can travel more than 350km in our old Wira. According to hubby, these days, we can only manage about 250km. That's a lot of difference, you know. Even with the recent miserable reductions, we can only squeeze 20km more from what we pump in. Sigh, we just cant win, eh.

But of course, this is also due to the fact that we are driving around in an old car. That's why hubby says it's time we buy a newer model like the new Honda City 2009. It's very fuel efficient and better in the long run. The thing is, car interest rates have just gone up. It's gonna cost us a few more grands just so to service the loan. Unless we choose to buy the car in cash. Haih... how can. Income Tax department is sure to come sniffing if we were to do that.

If we are here driving and complaining about how expensive petrol is these days, i can only imagine those companies with lots of mobile employees. I'm sure their expenses have escalated by more than 40% these few months alone. I guess what they need to do is to hire a Vehicle reimbursement company to help them better manage their mobile employee's mileage claims. That way, they can be sure that their employees are fairly reimbursed and they are not overpaying and eating into their profits.

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