Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treatment for bruxism

Here i am, about to go to sleep, and someone is grinding her teeth right outside my windows. Do you know how irritating it sounds? Sends chills down my spine, aitelyu. Teeth-grinding can be treated but she doest want to do anything about it except make up some stupid excuses as to why she does that. Yayaya, i dont care why she likes to grind her teeth so much, but please fark sake, do it elsewhere lah.

What's the term for teeth-grinding again? Bruxism, right. I know kids grind their teeth in their sleep once in a while. Mine does that too but stops if i make him sleep on his side. I'm sure there is treatment for bruxism, right. If only i can make her go fo bruxism treatment. It's be sure to cure her teeth-grinding once and for all. Believe you me, teeth-grinding really do make an awful sound.

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