Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Bells

I never knew people like to get married during Mid-Autumn Festival. My mother-in-law walked into the room earlier this evening and asked us if we can go attend a wedding function on behalf of her or not. She has three weddings to attend on that particular day and my sister-in-law has agreed to go to the other. Too bad, we cant. A friend of ours is also getting married that day. I have so many sister-in-laws. I'm sure she'll be able to find one that can go.

Talking of weddings, i went to my girfriend's house the other day. She showed me a picture of her engagement ring. OH MY GOD!!!! It's huge!!!! I estimated it must have cost her fiancé at least two grand. But no. She says it's way lesser than that. She told me her fiancé bought it at Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified Diamonds and Engagement Rings. I went over to check it out for myself and i must say, those Jewelry took my breath away. With their unique search application to find your diamond, buying your next piece of jewelry would not be a problem at all. And oh, did i tell you that their prices are 20-40% below competition? They offer free FedEx on every order too!!!

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