Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you put on weight easily?

I ordered a bowl of sesame tong-sui for lunch just now. After whacking a plate of dry curry noodles, my tummy doesnt have much space left for the bowl of sinfully sweet dessert which looked so yummy earlier, lol. So, i asked the seller to pack it up for me. It's still at the kitchen now. Havent even poured it out into a bowl, lazy me. but you cant blame me. The moment i came back from lunch, i've been blogging like a freak. What to do, an internet marketer got to do what an internet marketer gotta go, right.

Hubby says if i dont want to eat it, it's alright. I know why cos he's been eyeing it the moment it landed on the table during lunch. He's already had his, and i dont see any reason why i should let him have mine, lol. No, i'll just torture him further and let it sit there at the kitchen till dinner time. I'm lucky as i dont put on weight easily after eating sweet stuffs. Many of my friends arent so lucky. Each time they see their weight go up, they'll be scrambling for diet pills like these here, lol. I'm most likely blessed with skinny genes. Hope i wont ever need diet pills.

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