Friday, October 31, 2008

Inflation woes

Price of goods have gone up so much and not showing signs of coming down even though gas price has come down by about 50% since its peak of 2.70/ltr. After asking a few hawker friends of mine, they all told me this is because suppliers are not reducing their goods. They claim that electricity tariff has not gone down and their operating cost is way higher than before. At the end of the day, consumers have no choice but to be really frugal with their spending habits in order to stretch our ringgit. On the other hand, if consumers stop spending, businesses also find it hard to survive. It's kinda like a no-win situation here for all.... sigh.

Each evening, i can hear my neighbor complaining and arguing over money issues. They run a small business with a few mobile employees and twice a month, the employess will submit their car allowance claim to their management. My neighbor keeps saying that their employees are over-claiming and they wont be reimbursing their claims in full and such. I heard the wife suggesting they ought to hire a company that specializes in corporate reimbursement services to help them out in this area. This way, they dont have to be worried about over-paying and their employees will also be fairly reimbursements for their Car allowance. Sounds fair.

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