Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking for free images for your blogs?

I'm going out to take some nice picture for my blogs. Both my Nokia N82 and Sony T100 digital camera are fully charged. I've not updated my photo blog for quite a while and it's rotting on the world wide web, lol. What's phot blog without nice picturees, eh. Hubby says i might as well delete it off as it's not making me any money. I do agree that my traffic for that blog is way lesser than when i first started it. But it has quite a number of nice pics in it. I'll just have to remember to update it more often. "REMEMBER" being the keyword here. My memory is getting worse by the day. Age-related? YES? NO?

Anyway, i know there are many bloggers out here who love to have pics in their blog posts, but do not have the gadgets nor the time to get them. A friend told me about Acobox. It has plenty of free images for bloggers. All the images are hosted on their server and you dont have to do anything apart from copying and pasting the image codes to your blog posts. Easy enough. That way, you also save on your bandwidth. Every image is hotlinked from Acobox, you understand? Well, the images are of high quality and some are even downright funny. Dont take my word for it. Go check it out.

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