Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mood swings during PMS

Does your mood swing during PMS? Mine does. It's almost a 360 degree change. Every little thing irritates me. Simple conversations turn into unnecessary arguments. Many do not agree that there's such a thing as PMS, but believe you me, there is. You will never know it exists until you experience it yourself. This happens when a woman undergoes hormonal changes prior to her menstrual period. The body cannot adjust to the changes accordingly and starts reacting in weird ways, usually unpleasant ones. So, it's wise to head to the health store and buy some supplements to help PMS symptoms.

On ordinary days, make sure you take EFA supplemets. This will help regulate your hormonal balance and your mood swings, and at the same time, gives you beautiful skin too. When PMS starts to rear its ugly head, i tend to stay well away from human, lol. When conversations starts to heat up for nothing, i'll go hide inside the toilet with my PSP or watch TVB drama series online with my N82. Thank God i have a hubby that understands all these well, if not, i think my marriage will suffer as a consequence. PMS is for real. Men will never understand it. Dont expect them to.

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