Friday, October 24, 2008

My pc is restarting on its own AGAIN!!!!

I just sent my pc for a complete formatting the other day and it's restarting itself again. The anti-virus keeps popping up with some message upon start up telling me i've got some sort of trojan in at. Damn, where can they be hiding and how come it cant be removed. I dont have time to keep sending the pc to the shop every other day. But if i dont take care of those darned trojans, the pc will continue to restart every now and then.

At first, i thought it's got something to do with the new video card i installed earlier. But then, it's not. The video card is fine. Well, no choice but to send the pc in for another round of scanning again. What a waste of time. Just when i have the inspiration to start something new. Cant help it though. You need to buy any video cards? You may want to check out the videos cards here if you like.

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