Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to look gorgeous during pregnancy

Hubby has always been a t-shirt and jeans person. He seldom wears his designer shirts anymore and they are all inside the guestroom wardrobe. The wardrobe's door hinge broke one day and we had no choice but to take the door down lest it falls on our kids should they go into the room without our knowledge. I went into the room this morning and saw all those beautiful shirts and told hubby he should wear them once in a while. If not, they'll turn yellow. After all, i gotta wash and iron them once in a while. Might as well wear them.

I dug around the wardrobe and found a box of clothes right beneath the cushion covers. Those happen to be my old maternity clothes. I didnt buy them. Those were hand-me-downs from friends. I cant even remember wearing them as they were so hideous looking. Made me look like a sack of potatoes more than a pregnant woman, lol. I dont think i need Maternity Clothes Advice to know that i look downright ugly in them. Take a look at Mandy Moore Gallery. I think i wanna look as hot as her even if i'm pregnant. So, choose your maternity clothes carefully to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes, ya..

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