Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Give your bathroom a mini makeover with these affordable bathroom furniture

I wonder what the architects were thinking of when they designed this house.This is a very old house. More than 30 years old in fact. To them, i have this feeling that having a toilet in a three-bedroom house is a luxury. Each morning, hubby will hog the toilet. He thinks he lives here alone or what. For a household of six, one toilet is a real joke, i tell you. I swear, when i have my own place next time, each room will have its own toilet and bathroom, period. This way, no one has to line up just so to use the toilet.

I remember my childhood oh-so-well. We all lived in a village where the toilet is located outside the house. Those days, there werent such luxuries as a WC, you know. We still need manpower to dispose off our poo-poo then. We're a real pampered lot today. When all we wanted last time was a simple indoor toilet, people now demand for specially designed furniture for their bathrooms and toilets. Time has changed, hasnt it.

I've seen some beautiful and affordable Bathroom Furniture here and if you are thinking of giving your bathroom a mini makeover, you might want to check it out. You'll be amazed at what a simple vanity counter with built-in basin can do to your bathroom. If only this house is mine, i'll carry out some major renovation to it. This house certainly needs an extra toilet!!!!

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