Monday, November 10, 2008

How to bake brownies in a toaster oven

There's nothing much to do on a weekend. I went back to my Mom's with Gordon for the afternoon. Hubby took Malcolm to Tesco nearby. It was just about to rain when he came pick me up and by the time we entered the house, it started pouring. I set the Wii up for them and hubby played with them. I then wanted to do something else and thought of the box of brownies i had inside the kitchen cabinet. And so, off to the kitchen i went.

I only have a Philips Toaster oven and i used that to bake brownies. I've demonstrated how to bake brownies in a toaster oven before and this is the second time i'm baking brownies with it. On another note, we've been mosquito-free for almost a week. And knnccb, this morning, those blood suckers are everywhere. You can walk out of the room without walking into at least 100 of those buggers.

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