Friday, November 07, 2008

I found some great deals on eyeglasses online!!!!

I withdrew 1k from the bank early this week. It's only Friday and i wondered where it all went. I only have about 400 bucks left in my purse right now. I really find it hard to stretch my money these days. The current economic situation isnt any better either with prices going up everywhere i go. I've stopped buying unnecessary things like make-up and such and only focus on daily necessities for my family like grocery items and stationery for the kids education. The house needs maintenance too and after the electricity tariff went up a few months back, my bill skyrocketed by a minimum of 30%.

I ran out of contact lens the other day and went to the optical shop to replenish my supplies. I was so shocked that i now have to pay so much more for my cleaning solution and disposable lenses. Hubby told me to go get a pair of prescription eyeglass instead. Afterall, he often hears me complaining how my contact lens makes my eyes dry and uncomfortable in the air-cond room. I told him even if i get a new pair, i sure wont buy them from the local shops. They are so expensive. You know what. My cousin bought a few pairs of eyeglasses from an online store and according to her, it has newer designs and compared to the prices here, it's very cheap. Perhaps it's time i go get a few pairs from the online store too. I gotta be frugal in my spending.

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