Thursday, November 13, 2008

I want my own bathroom

Dont be alarmed when i tell you i just finished cleaning the bathroom. I know, it's the middle of the night. So what. I had to wait till nobody's using it just so that i can give it a thorough cleaning. Earlier this evening, some nosy relatives dropped by with their kids. Whilst the adults chatted away at the living hall, the kids were left unattended and they went into the bathroom and played with all the soap and shampoo. I was shocked when i saw that they had squeezed almost every single bottle of bath gel and shampoo into the drainage hole. There were suds everywhere and the whole bathroom was in a mess.

Oh yes, the mother came in and saw what happened. All she did was bundle her kids to the car, muttered a quick goodbye from the door and left. Now, who's to clean the mess? ME ME ME!!! As if i dont have anything else to do. Those brats even broke the clothes hanger on the wall. I just hope we can get our place soon. I sure wont want any of those relatives to come to my place ever. T me, the bathroom is my personal space; not to be shared. Yup, not even my hubby. He can ave his own. I'm going to make sure each member of my family gets their own bathroom complete each.

Oh, you go check out this site. I saw some beautiful bathroom suites there. How nice to be able to relax in such wonderful luxury. Well, i was an interior designer by profession. I know good stuff when i see it. Anyway, are you going to renovate your house? If you are, dont neglect your bathroom, k. Do buy some of these bathroom suites and have them installed in every single bathroom in your house.

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Rose said...

Gosh! How polite and courteous your guests are! And poor you, for cleaning up the mess