Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boring SEO stuffs

I've been enjoying good traffic to a few of my blogs these few weeks. I revamped them last month and optimized many of my pages for the search engines. I have to do that. It's part and parcel of what i do online as an Internet Marketer. If not, my earnings will drop. Reason is there may be more blogs ranking well above mine and taking all my traffic away from me. If no one comes to my blogs, no one will click on my ads, and i lose money. God Forbids!!!! So, now you know why i sometimes grumble away as to how tiring it can get when i need to work on my SEO. It's one helluva work and very time consuming.

I may be able to do that on my own cos i really do spend time to learn about SEO and stuffs. It's not that difficult to grasp, provided you read the right SEO blogs. If not, half the time, you are just reading crap that will not work. Or worse, you end up buying what those so-called SEO gurus recommend, or sign up for one of their expensive courses which teach you nothing. I guess i'm lucky to have found the right SEO blogs to learn from. If you dont have the time to learn about SEO but need some help, you may want to check out this Boston Search Engine Optimization company. They may be able to help you or your business out. Dont sit around and do nothing.

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