Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Gem Of Life 19 online streaming free

Watch The Gem Of Life 19 online streaming here tonight, ya. I'm going to workout on my Wii Fit now. It's raining and i cant leave the house. Thought of going to Oldtown to grab a bite after picking Gordon up form school at 4pm. Will see how long the rains decides to pour. Want to go to Hoong Tho for noodles and buy some egg tarts back wor. Malcolm will be thrilled when he sees that we've bought egg tarts for him.

So have, what do you think of this TVB Drama Series The Gem Of Life? It's only up to Ep 18 now. So far, i'm getting bored, sigh. How come their storyline all so predictable. But as i only watch The Gem Of Life online free, who cares lah, hoh. Well, go get your download links for The Gem Of Life if you havent started on this TVB drama Series. Be warn. It has 80 episodes and ends in February.

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