Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where to buy good quality 5.11 tactical pants

I have a friend who lives near the police training camp. Each day on her way to work, she will see those police cadets marching around the field. That's how she got to know one of them. After dating him for more than five years, she finally agreed to marry him. That was more than ten years ago. I've not seen my friend since the day she moved away. Her policeman hubby gets transferred often and she goes wherever he goes. Such is her life. But once in a while, i do get an email from her, that's about it. I only know that she has one kid and the husband has gone up the ranks. Though he no longers needs to move about anymore, they still live very far away.

She seldom comes back here after her parents passed away. I guess we make it point to meet up, we wont ever get to bump into each other at all. I hope she will be attending our school reunion sometime next month. She hasnt replied my email as to whether she'll turn up or not. I just hope she can be there that day. It's been so long. She's a very good friend of mine, and i do miss our happy days together. There was once i needed some help as to where to buy a pair of 5.11 Tactical Pants and the first person that comes to mind is my friend. Of course, the pants is not for me. It's for my uncle. He's a retired policemen and wanted to buy a pair of 5.11 tactical pants as a gift for his friend.

Out of curiosity, i asked him what the pants is for and he says it allows his friend to carry multiple pistols to the range with all the necessary accessories and tools all in one place. How convenient. I've never seen such a thing sold here locally but my friend gave me the link to a website where he can get it from. I guess his friend must be using it by now. Well, if you have friends in the police force and needs to buy police gears, you can let them know about the site. I have left the link here for your convenience. Go check it out if you have the time. I gotta go now. My kids wants to go shopping.

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