Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fair deal

Both hubby and i are glad that we do not have to pay so much for fuel these days. We normally drive the family car, an old Proton Wira, and it's monthly fuel consumption is rather high. We dont even go anywhere, mostly to send the kids to school, go to town for errands like banking and grocery shopping. I think the furthest place we ever go to must be Kinta City, and that's about 25km away only. Not that we go there often also. Maybe once a week at the most. When fuel was at rm2.70ltr when it spiked way back in June, we had to fork out nearly rm400 each month. Now, maybe rm300 or so. See, a lot of difference, right.

Though price of fuel has returned to normal, my friend still finds that his employees are claiming the same amount for their car allowance when it was still at its peak rate. He has issued a memo reminding his employees about the change of fuel rates and the company will scrutinise each and every claim. He's even thinking of getting a company to handle all these car allowance claims for him so that both parties get a fair deal. Good move, eh. Well, he gave me the link to the Car Allowance company. It's here in this post. Do check it out if you have the time.

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