Monday, December 08, 2008

Looking for a reliable collection agency

My hubby's close friend was so frustrated yesterday. He dropped by our house to look for him as he was having tea with a business partner near our place. He didnt call earlier or i would have told him that hubby's not around. Or maybe he couldnt get through to his cellphone, i dont know. The lines are so bad these days that i can hardly do much these days. And yes, by "lines", i mean both Streamyx and Maxis sucks bad. Dunno why i'm paying them so much for each month. Ooops, i digressed.... sorry.

Back to hubby's friend. I had a short chat with him at the porch and got to know that business partner isnt helping much as far as his company's collection is concerned. Business is bad and if this goes on, they may have to close shop. The reason he's here is not to borrow money, but to ask if hubby's knows of any Collection Agency that can help him out or not. Well, not that i know of. But i told him i'll let hubby know when he comes back. After he left, i got online and asked a friend. He gave me the link to this Collection Agency. Hope it helps whoever needs their service.

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