Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Use an ovulation calendar if you are trying for a baby

I think by now, half the world already knows i cut my son's long long hair after keeping it for more than five years. Oh, of course, i do have his hair trimmed every few months or so. If not, it'll be trailing onto the floor by now, lol. Anyway, many of my friends cannot accept the fact that i cut his hair and protested strongly on MSN. Hey, my son's hair, i rule, k. Chill it. I miss it too, but i'm really tired of hunting round the house for rubberbands and pulling him from under the chair just so to tied it up properly each day.

Many years ago, when friends and relatives first noticed that Gordon's hair getting a tad too long for their comfort level, they started to make noise as to why would i want to keep my boy's hair long. They just cant accept the fact that a boy has long hair. Nothing wrong with that, right. In my opinion, he looked so handsome with his long curly hair. Oh nevermind. No more long hair. It's cropped short just like mine now :p. Yesterday, a friend showed me a website that has an ovulation calendar and told me i may need it soon.

Huh??? Why would i need an ovulation calendar for? I'm not going to try for another baby. When i was trying to get pregnant last time, i did use an ovulation calendar to chart my most fertile days. My friend then told me now that i've cut Gordon's hair, i can try for a girl so that i can keep her hair long forever without anyone complaining, LOL!!!! Anyway, i'm really not having more babies, thank you very much. But if you are, then by all means, use the ovulation calendar, k. And i notice the site is running a contest wherer you can win a year's supply of Comfort Pure fabric conditioner. Go check it out, k.

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