Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year countdown

The year began with a revelation that i just got back-stabbed by someone i know. It's painful, but at least i know how much she detests me, lol. She's the kind of person that hates competition, especially when it involves money. Ok, you can have it. I've earned enough from it. If you are reading this, then let it be known that i've moved onto greener pastures.

Anyway, i've put that behind me now. I have a few plans that will make me money if only i have the time to execute them. I guess those plans will have to wait till after Chinese New Year celebrations. Only a few days to go. I still gotta help my MIL buy stuffs for the house. She's not feeling well lately. Hubby says the tv stand at the living hall needs changing. Well, i found some tv stands online just. If you want to change yours, you can go check the site out.

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