Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gotta lose all my tummy fat in three days

I dare not eat much for the past few days. My tummy is so bloated and i have difficulty squeezing into my skinny jeans, lol. That's because i've been stuffing myself silly for the past few weeks. So, i have no one to blame for my fat tummy except myself.

Many people i know would have resorted to popping a diet pill the moment they want to lose their tummy fat, but not me. I just took smaller meals for a few days and drank milk at night. The calcium in the milk helps activate my sluggish peristaltic action giving me an instant detox.

I hope i can fit into all my skinny jeans by Chinese New Year. I hate to buy new jeans now as nothing fits me now. Size 24 is too tight, size 26 is too loose. Just gotta wait it out and eat moderately. And yes, gotta stay off beer too.... BAWLS!!!!!!

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