Friday, February 20, 2009

MIL wants to renovate the bathroom

Hubby got back from his business trip rather early last night. The kids woke up from their nap just as i was about to go fetch him from the railway station. So, i decided to take them along to meet their Papa. Both of them missed him so much that i have to call him up every now and then just so that they can listen to his voice. If only 3g signals here is stable, they'll be able to see Papa over the phone too.

Hubby was famished and wanted to take a quick supper before heading home. Since the kids havent had much to eat, we all went for noodles at the foodcourt. All hubby wanted was to spend some time relaxing in the bathroom. He's so tired. But his hopes were dashed when he found out that the drain hole was all clogged up, and the bathroom tap broken too.

Upon investigation, we soon found out that his nephew stuffed all his poo down the drainhole when he was over earlier. Boy, hubby was so mad. You would be mad too if you had to clear all that gunk out. He's going to give his sister a good earful tonight. Anyway, my mother-in-law says she'll renovate the bathroom and asked to go look for some good bathroom suites.

I chatted with a friend as i went online to check. She told me to go take a good look at these bathrooms here at this site. Hey, you go take a look at them too. They are so beautiful. Moreover, the site is haveng a stock clearance sale with discounts up to 55% off RRP!!!!. You'd better hurry up if you want to renovate yours too. I'm off, tata.

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