Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Need more information on Lasik?

I seldom video chat on MSN. But recently, my brother-in-law bought a webcam and wanted to test it out. He doesnt know anyone that has a webcam and beeped me instead. He's lucky as i was on my laptop when he called. I dont use a webcam on my pc as the quality is lousy. My laptop sports a 1.3MP webcam. Not bad, huh. I was fiddling around with it as i just installed Vista onto it. Needs time to get used to a whole new environment. Moreover, i also need to reinstall all my softwares back onto it before i can work with it. It's only useful as far as surfing is concerned, lol.

Coming back to the video chat session, my brother in-law wanted to ask me if i know much about lasik or not. He's very keen on getting lasik done for both his eyes. I told he should consult an ophthalmologist and have his eyes check ed first. That's to see if he's the right candidate for lasik or not. A girlfriend of mine told me about this website where he can learn more about lasik. If you are interested, you can also go check out boston lasik prk for more information. I'm still thinking about it. Well, maybe when my kids are bigger. My friend told me i need to rest my eyes a lot after lasik. What about you? Would you like to have lasik?

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