Friday, March 27, 2009

My air-cond is leaking!!!!!

The weather is so hot these days. And now, my air-cond is leaking and i cant turn it on. I'm still waiting for the technician to come over and get it fixed. If not, i think i'm going to die of the stifling heat soon. I've already photostatted the warranty card as requested by them right after i sent my kids to school. When will they arrive????

When i was at the stationery shop just now, the lady there showed me some home theater chairs brochures and asked me for my opinion. I told her she can find nicer ones online. There was a computer at her desk and i showed her these home theater chairs online. She agrees with me and thanked me. I hope she finds a set that she likes. Me, i'm still waiting and waiting for the technician..... dannnnnggggg

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