Friday, March 27, 2009

Trying for a baby?

I already have two boisterous boys, and yet, when relatives drop by, they will still ask me to try for one more. Are they out of their mind or what?? My hands are full with them both. I dont think i want to handle another wailing baby. I prefer a small family. I believe i can give my boys better attention and yet, still have some time left to myself and hubby. With another baby, i'll be tied down for at least another three years. No way. Malcolm is gonna turn three in a few months time, and that fler is still nursing away. It's so tiring and i cannot get him to wean off me.

I've asked hubby numerous times if he's happy with only two boys and he says he's happy. I know having a girl will be fun, but hey.... it's a 50/50 chance, ok. I might end up with THREE boys, lol. I do admit that i'd love to know what my girl will look like. But no thank you. I've had enough of babies. But for those of you trying for a baby, it's best you know what you are getting yourself into, ya. Being a parent is a lifelong thing.

Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and awful experience. I went through pregnancy twice and i must thank God that i had wonderful ones. Well, if you are trying for a baby soon, i have just the place for you. Hop over to the site via the link i left here in this post. You'll be able to learn more about pregnancy there. It has lots of information and tools to assist you in your quest.

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