Sunday, April 05, 2009

Have you been to a nail salon before?

I'm looking at my fingernails now and wondering if i should cut them all away or keep them. They are at a very nice length now. If i keep them long, they'll get in the way when i type at top speed at the keyboard. But if i cut them, i wont get to paint them nicely with nail polish. It's been more than five years since i kept my fingernails long. I do miss seeing them in the season's hottest nail colors. I use to buy all the latest nail polish and change my nail colors each week when the kids werent around yet. Sigh.... those were the days when i have so much time on hand to indulge in beauty rituals like painting my fingernails, lol.

The other day, i was chatting with a friend and she told me about the new nail salon near my house. She says i ought to go pamper my hands and get my fingernails professionally done up once in while. She loves those nail polish colors there and they even adorn her nails with some small crystals. I was so tempted to go give it a try one day. Well, let me mull over it for a day or two and see if still feel like it or not. Not that i have much time on hand to spare in the first place. Well, if i cant find the time to go to the nail salon, i can always buy a few bottles of nail polish and paint them myself.

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