Monday, April 06, 2009

Useful business directory for the Philippines

I have a farewell party to attend this weekend. One of my friend's hubby just got promoted and they will be leaving soon. It's not to a different city this time. They are moving away to Philippines. I know Philippines is not exactly THAT far away. But still, i'm going to miss her so much. Though we seldom meet up as often as we like, we still make it a point to have high tea together once every two months. She says they wont be back often as they will be taking their kids along too. In a way, i'm also glad to know that some people are still doing well in this challenging economic times. I wish them all the best.

Last night, i was chatting with her and she told me she'll need a long time to adjust to the new place. I told her there's nothing to be afraid of and to take things one day at a time. A lot of people are well-versed in English in the Philippines and i dont think she will have much problem conversing with the natives there. Her hubby's colleague told her to check out Philippine Companies, which happens to be a business directory for the Philippines. She can take it as a starting point as it has quite a comprehensive coverage of Philippine Schools, Hotels, Employment agencies, and more. She'll need that as she needs to look for a good school for her kids. Well, if you happen to go to Philippines, you may want to bookmark the directory for your own reference too.

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