Thursday, April 09, 2009

Life goes on

I woke up rather early this morning as i've got a few important posts to write and publish by noon. In the midst of typing out a very long post, the electricity got cut off. All my content is lost as i havent saved it and i do not have backup power supply to my pc. The whole area is without electricity and we weren't notified at all. According to my neighbor, the area will be without electricity for at least 8 hours. You hear that? 8 FREAKING HOURS!!!!! Without electricity, i cant blog. If i cant blog, i dont get money. If i dont get money, bills dont get paid, geddit?

Well of course, electricity will resume later on, and i can get on with my work again. Life goes on. And then, i remind myself i need to go buy myself a UPS so that at least i can safe my work next time without having to write everything all over again. This incident got me thinking. If by buying a UPS can allow me to get on with my work, what about my life? If something happens to me and i die, will my family be able to go on living after i'm gone. Will they be financially stable? I smiled and reminded myself that i have term life insurance. I believe everyone ought to have some form of insurance to tide the family over in the event of unforeseen circumstances. I may be gone, but they can continue living.

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