Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Problem with bad debts

I heard loud honking outside my house and went to check it out. It's my neighbor again. She's back to pick her kid up for tuition. I cant understand hy he has to sound the loud horn each time she arrives. Cant she just use the handphone and call the house instead of letting the whole world know she's here. Rude, right. I'm pissed because her car horn sounds exactly like the courier service truck. I do get stuffs delivered to my place every once in a while. You'll be pissed too if you have to go out and check whenever you hear the honk and it's not for you. Just wish i can yank the thing off.

The other day, i overheard her mom talking to another neighbor how bad her business has become. Someone owes her a lot of money and refuse to pay up. Times are bad and her debtors are avoiding her calls and constantly making a disappearing act. She even asked the neighbor if she knows of a good Collection Agency that can help her daughter out. Sounds bad, eh. Maybe that's the reason why she's so bad tempered these days. When i ran my own interior design firm last time, i did run into bad paymasters once in a while. But then, i guess i was lucky. I managed to collect the balance after my lawyer sent them a few letters of demand. If not, i may need the help of a collection agency too. Anyway, good luck to her.

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Rose said...

maybe ur neighbour doesnt have a handphone or everytime she left at home. :p Thats why she honking....