Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Have fun in Boston, Mel

I just finished lunch and am feeling sleepy again. I cant go take a nap now as i need to wrap up a few posts. It's all my own fault for letting my work pile up. Luckily, it's only a three posts. If not, i can kiss my noon nap goodbye. If i work fast enough, i'll still get at least two hours of nap. That's all i need to recharge my battery. I'll need that for tonight.

I'm in the midst of chasing traffic and i love to see the numbers climb day after day. Hey, traffic = money to me, ok. So, it's important that i stay up and work on my blogs at night. I've not been doing that fror a long time and somehow, i find it a chore more than joy. No choice, a blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do, sigh.

In a way, i find that i'm much better off than many of my friends who work for other people. I heard that two of them got retrenched last month, and one took up the company's VSs offer. He's a highly-paid employee and naturally, also one of the first to go. But the told me he needed the break as he wants a change of environment. he will be moving off to Boston to be with his wife soon.

They've been living apart for years and to me, that's not good for a relationship.I chatted with him last night and he told me his bags are packed and the Boston Moving Company will be helping him send all his stuffs to his wife's place end of this month. I wish the both of them well. H yes, he gave me the link to the moving company in Boston. Check them out if you ever need their service, ok.

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