Saturday, May 16, 2009

If only hubby wins this St. Thomas Villa......

a reader stumbled onto one of my older posts and left me a comment. She read how much i detest my sister-in-laws and asked me why dont i leave my in-law's house and live on my own. I smiled to myslef when i read the comment. In a way, it's nice to have people leaving comments on your posts. One part of me tell me they are concerned over what i wrote, the other tells me they are plain busybodies and only want to know more. Whatever it is, i'm happy staying here as i married into the family. I wont leave until the day hubby says so.

Over the years, i've gotten used to having my sister-in-laws dropping by unannounced and making remarks about me as and when they please. They no longer bother me much as i've stopped entertaining them long time ago. To me, they do not deserve even one second of my attention after all that they've done to me all these years. They deserve all the cold treatment i dish out to them each time they are over.

Coming back to the question on whether will i ever move out on my own or not one day, i guess if hubby wins this St. Thomas Villas. How can i say not to this 2 million dollars villa a zillion miles away from them, lol. All it takes is $100, you know. Hey, why not hop over to the link i left here in this post try your luck? Who knows, you may just be the lucky winner. Dont forget me if you win it, ok. I want to visit you!!!!

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