Saturday, May 16, 2009

Looking for luxury retirement properties?

I'm staring and staring at the pc with a blank mind now. I woke up about an hour ago to work on my assignments and somehow, i'm having a mental block. I ended up chatting with a friend instead, lol. This is so "ME". In another window, i have an online game running and it's a huge distraction. But what else can i do? Oh yes, i can also watch all the latest TVB drama series that i downloaded just now. Let me see.... i have Just Love II Episode 10, Rosy Business Episode 14, and also Off Pedder Episode 147. The thing is, i dont have a set of headphones. I dont want to risk waking my kids up. I can really forget about blogging if that happens.

Just now, my friend told me her hubby is looking for a good retirement property. She showed me this St. Thomas Real Estate and told me she hinted to her hubby she likes these luxury properties very much. WHO WOULDNT!!!!! If hubby were to buy me one, i'll move there this very instant. But i really do wonder if i'll get a good internet connection or not there. I cannot live without an internet connection. I'll lose my sanity if i were to be disconnected with the online community and also my network of blogs. But come to think of it, if i'm already in retirement mode, why would i want to bother with such things, huh. I should be enjoying life, LOL.

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